All our floating saunas are delivered ready to be used

Sauna raft Leo

Leo is the smaller of our two completely cubical sauna models. The dimensions of the sauna raft Leo are the same as the Svea model. What sets these two apart is the design. This floating sauna also has large windows in both the sauna and antechamber. The antechamber and sauna both measure 1.9 x 1.9 meters.

In both the Leo and Svea models, we can design the benches in various ways. The first option is to have two straight sauna benches on one side, which is standard. This solution allows everyone sitting in the sauna to enjoy the view through the large window. This solution also provides a bit more floor space, making it easier for bathers to get in and out of the sauna.

The second option is to install the sauna benches perpendicularly, which makes it feel more social because you can socialise in a more direct way. If you choose perpendicular benches, this also makes it possible for two people to lie down on the upper benches. As always, the choice is yours and we build the raft according to your specifications.

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Raft: 3,1*8 m (24,8 sqm)
Sauna house: 2*4 m (8 sqm)
Relax room: 1,9*1,9 m
Sauna room: 1,9*1,9 m
Weight: ca 2 000 kg
Carrying capacity: ca 4 600 kg

Interior pictures

Floating sauna made by Nordic Marine Sauna

your sauna raft

As you’ve probably gathered from what you’ve read, our sauna rafts are always delivered completely finished and ready for use. That being said, you have plenty of opportunity to equip and put your personal touch on your sauna raft.
Perhaps you would like the large windows on the port side or that the entrance is located at the stern instead of the bow. All of this can easily be solved. Moreover, we have a variety of accessories and additional options for you to choose from. Perhaps, you would like your sauna raft equipped with an electrical system, a roof terrace, a swimming hole, GPS tracker, railings etc.

Plan drawing and 3D-model - sauna raft

Plan drawing of sauna boat Leo

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3D floating sauna Leo