Sauna Rafts

Sauna rafts have existed in a variety of types and qualities for a number of years. At Marinbastun, we’ve decided to take sauna rafts to a whole new level. And we think we’ve succeeded!

On these pages, you will find information about our range of Sweden’s only CE-marked sauna rafts, which are also the only sauna rafts in Sweden that are possible to insure.

Our different models

Marinbastun’s sauna rafts are currently available in seven standard models. These models differ in their respective size categories and in terms of the look of roof solutions, joints and mouldings. You’ll find all kinds of sauna rafts, from quaint cottage style to bold, modern functionalist style. Our goal is to ensure that everyone finds a sauna raft that suits their taste and style.

Sustainable manufacture of sauna rafts

All our sauna rafts are carefully designed for a long, sustainable life in motion on water. This sets them apart from all other prefabricated sauna solutions available on the market. Our construction method is unique and ensures that you can enjoy your sauna raft often and for years to come.

Here, you can read about and compare our various sauna rafts. All models are based upon the same solid fundament but differ in design and size to ensure that there is always a model that suits you.

Regardless of which sauna model you choose, you always have plenty of opportunity to customise its design to your liking. Everything from colour to windows and floor plan can be tailored to your specific needs.

If you would like more information about the construction of our sauna rafts and the parts and components we use, please visit our product information page.
Product information