Sauna Cabin Leo

TThe functionalist sauna Leo is the second of our medium-sized models. Like the Svea model, the sauna is suitable for groups of around 6 people.
The Leo sauna shares its design with the larger models Frank and Frank XL. This is a very popular functionalist-style design. We have done our utmost to create a model that leaves no design enthusiast unimpressed.

Functionalist sauna without compromise

All joints are integrated within the structure, and mouldings around windows and doors are executed in the subtlest and most attractive way possible. The roof structure of this functionalist sauna is also special. With its almost entirely flat roof and custom metalwork, it is completely unique.
If you’re looking for a slightly smaller but unique functionalist cabin, Leo is the obvious choice. If this functionalist sauna feels too small, we recommend that you take a closer look at Frank or Frank XL, which share Leo’s design.

• House: 2*4 m (8 kvm)
• Changing room: 1,9*1,9 m
• Sauna room: 1,9*1,9 m
• Weight: ca 1200 kg

Interior pictures

Sauna stove Harvia

sauna house

As you’ve probably gathered from what you’ve read, our sauna rhousesare always delivered completely finished and ready for use. That being said, you have plenty of opportunity to equip and put your personal touch on your sauna house.
Perhaps you would like the large windows on the port side or that the entrance is located at the stern instead of the bow. All of this can easily be solved. Moreover, we have a variety of accessories and additional options for you to choose from. Perhaps, you would like your sauna house equipped with an electrical system, lightings, shover or storage box.

Plan drawing and 3D-model - sauna house

Plan drawing of garden sauna Leo

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