Garden sauna Frank

Frank is our larger sauna cabin model in functionalist design. Here, the width has been increased by almost a meter compared with the smaller Leo model.
The model is spacious, allowing parties of 8-10 people to enjoy the sauna together. Frank is the most popular sauna cabin model offered in our catalogue. With a Frank, you will leave none of your friends or neighbours unimpressed. The pleasing proportions between length, width and height make this sauna cabin the one we are most proud of. It is also obvious that when we designed this sauna cabin, we not only wanted to create a beautiful exterior. The layout of the spaces is also excellent. There is plenty of room for the whole family or maybe even two families to enjoy on a beautiful summer evening.

Secure delivery of sauna cabins
A Frank has a weight of approximately 1500 kg. This means that our transport vehicles can lift it a maximum of about 25 meters at delivery. Because we have extensive experience with crane truck deliveries, you need never worry. We assess the conditions for delivery and take responsibility for ensuring that shipping and delivery of your prefabricated cabin takes place safely, properly and according to agreement. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with an assessment of your conditions.
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• Dimensions:
• House: 4*2,8 m
• Changing room: 1,9*2,7 m
• Sauna room:1,9*2,7 m
• VWeight: ca 1500 kg

Interior pictures

Sauna stove Harvia

sauna house

As you’ve probably gathered from what you’ve read, our sauna rhousesare always delivered completely finished and ready for use. That being said, you have plenty of opportunity to equip and put your personal touch on your sauna house.
Perhaps you would like the large windows on the port side or that the entrance is located at the stern instead of the bow. All of this can easily be solved. Moreover, we have a variety of accessories and additional options for you to choose from. Perhaps, you would like your sauna house equipped with an electrical system, lightings, shover or storage box.

Plan drawing and 3D-model - sauna house

Plan drawing of outdoor sauna Frank

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