Outdoor sauna Frank XL

The sauna cabin Frank XL is our largest standard model. We also intend to develop an Attefall model in the same attractive functionalist style but for now, this is our largest sauna cabin.
FFrank XL is very popular thanks to the pleasing proportions of this attractive functionalist sauna. Its low height combined with its length and width gives this model a heavy and solid look. Something we have not yet had the pleasure of supplying is a Frank XL sauna cabin with a roof terrace. We look forward to it.
In many areas around major cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Malmö, plots of land have become smaller and smaller as the cities grow. We can imagine how perfectly a sauna cabin with a roof would fit in such a place.

The sauna cabin with a little more space

One difference between the Frank and Frank XL sauna cabins is that there is more space around the stove in the sauna room, which makes it easier to move in and out of the sauna without it becoming crowded around the sauna heater. In other words, the relatively small difference of 60 cm makes a big difference if you want to have room for many bathers at a time.
Remember, if you want an even bigger sauna cabin than Frank XL, you are naturally welcome to contact us for suggestions. Our factory is open to special projects and our range of sauna cabins is constantly being expanded, so why not become the first owner of an Attefall sauna from Marinbastun?

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Interior pictures

Sauna stove Harvia

sauna house

As you’ve probably gathered from what you’ve read, our sauna rhousesare always delivered completely finished and ready for use. That being said, you have plenty of opportunity to equip and put your personal touch on your sauna house.
Perhaps you would like the large windows on the port side or that the entrance is located at the stern instead of the bow. All of this can easily be solved. Moreover, we have a variety of accessories and additional options for you to choose from. Perhaps, you would like your sauna house equipped with an electrical system, lightings, shover or storage box.

Plan drawing and 3D-model - sauna house

Plan drawing of sauna house Frank XL

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