About sauna cabins

Sauna cabins are very common in Finland. To enjoy a sauna bath outside in your garden is an entirely different experience than in a small, poorly ventilated electric sauna inside. Now all the benefits of sauna bathing for both body and mind have gained a foothold in Sweden, too.

This has resulted in more and more people requesting a real sauna cabin. A sauna cabin can be used year round and has different appeals as the seasons change.
To begin with, Marinbastun only manufactured high-quality sauna rafts. However, we quickly started receiving requests for our beautiful sauna cabins on land as well. And now we offer this too!

As far as possible, we create completely prefabricated sauna cabins. These sauna cabins are delivered with a crane truck and are ready for immediate use from the day of delivery. Preparatory groundwork and foundations are naturally carried out where necessary on the selected site beforehand. This approach has many advantages for our customers.

Here are a few:
• No risk of weather-related damage during construction.
• No lengthy and messy construction is carried out on site.
• You can approve the product prior to delivery.

Just like our sauna rafts, our sauna cabins are built based on seven standard models and are delivered complete. If you would like to alter the design of your sauna cabin, this is no problem. Our sauna cabins are built using the same unique construction method as our sauna rafts and have the same solid and sustainable basis.
Our sauna cabins are constructed according to the same basic concept as the sauna rafts.

The standard models come in a few different sizes, and the respective sizes also vary in style thanks to various roofing solutions, joints and mouldings. With our wide range, we hope to ensure that everyone can find a size and model that suits them. If you have any other requests for your sauna cabin, you are naturally very welcome to contact us.
To read more about the different parts, construction methods or the materials we use, please visit the page product information