Sauna windows and doors

Bastufönster och bastudörrar
Sauna windows and doors have quite a few requirements and features that standard doors and windows do not meet. We naturally manufacture and install these with the utmost care. Here is a brief summary of what we offer.

Our exterior doors are available in right or left-hanging options, depending on how you want the layout of your sauna. You have the choice between a solid door or a fully glazed exterior door. If you choose a solid door, the door leaf consists of a wood frame and insulation, made of plywood on the inside and a herringbone pine panel on the outside. This door type is well-suited if you want more privacy in the direction that the door opens. Others choose this door type to get a more classic style sauna.

Fully glazed exterior door

The second option for the sauna’s exterior door is a fully glazed model. The glass consists of a two-pane inset of double-tempered glass. The wooden frame is the same as with the solid door model, but without the panel and with plywood on the inside and outside surrounding the windowpane. This door is particularly popular and almost always used for our functionalist models, Leo, Frank and Frank XL
The door between the antechamber and the sauna is also fully glazed. We choose to use clear glass for this door as well, so that it harmonises nicely with the other glass surfaces. This fully glazed sauna door is naturally made of tempered glass.

Our sauna windows

As you have probably noticed, our sauna models generally have very large windows. All our sauna windows are double-glazed thermal windows. The inner pane is also made of tempered glass. The advantage of using double-glazed sauna windows is that they fog up significantly less and retain the heat more effectively. If you throw water on the stove in your Marinbastun sauna, you’ll notice that the little steam cloud created quickly disappears.

Dörr till bastu
Fönster till bastuflotte
Fönster till bastuflotte
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