Sauna roof

The outer sauna roof consists of 22 mm thick tongue-and-grooved timber on solid roof trusses. It is then covered with two layers of the best possible roofing felt approved for roofs with low incline. The top layer is melted on using LPG and provides well-tested waterproofing that is guaranteed to last for many years.

Durable sauna roof

The roof is designed to withstand the Nordic climate and can handle rain, snow, cold temperatures and wind without problems. It is flexible and has high joint strength, even at low temperatures, and can therefore withstand forceful movement in its fundament. Not only are such roofs of good quality, they also have a discreet and beautiful finish. If you decide to buy a sauna with a rooftop terrace, the pressure-treated timber used is also waterproofed.

Several customers wish to equip their sauna cabin or sauna raft with a metal roof. This is no problem and can be carried out in white, black or aluzinc-coloured roofing sheets. Sauna cabins are low and the roof is therefore often more visible than on other structures. Particularly the roofs of sauna rafts are often visible, since they are seen from slightly above when in the water. In the basic model, the sauna roof is not insulated. This is a fine solution if the sauna is usually used in summer.

Insulated ceiling

If, however, you plan to use the sauna raft or sauna cabin a lot during winter or wish to have built-in lighting, an insulated ceiling is also an option. In this case, the roof is insulated and you can choose the type of panels you want for the ceiling. The options are the same as for the benches. You can either choose light aspen, brown heat-treated aspen or treated spruce panels. If you choose treated spruce panels, these can be dyed white, gray or black with special sauna wax. As always, you decide how you want your sauna. But don’t be overwhelmed by the options. You’re welcome to contact us and we will help find the solution that is right for you.
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