Sauna heaters and stoves

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We recommend all our customers to use wood-fired sauna heaters instead of electric heaters. When it comes to our sauna rafts, this tends to be obvious, because if you want to move and use the sauna in different locations, an electric heater is not an option.

Electric sauna heaters

When it comes to our sauna cabins, however, many customers want electric sauna heaters. This is alright, but it is worth considering that the effect of a wood-fired heaters is significantly higher, which makes heating much faster in winter. To start heating with an electric heater in winter when temperatures might be below freezing takes time. In this case, it can be a good idea to have backup heating in the sauna cabin. In contrast, it is no problem to smoothly heat up the sauna cabin with an efficient wood-fired heater, even in bitterly cold weather. In addition, it must be noted that the experience of a wood-fired sauna versus one with electric heating is incomparable. Having fire inside the sauna does wonders for the oxygen supply and the type of heat. In the following, we therefore only describe which wood-fired heaters we use. If you want an electric heater, we can discuss this in further detail.

Wood-burning sauna stoves

We have chosen to use Harvia wood-fired stoves. For our smaller models Juni, Svea and Leo, we use Harvia M3E. This stove is well suited for the space it will heat up. For those of you who want to wash with pleasant water after sauna bathing, we recommend a pipe model with a water heater. This allows you to heat up water, providing you with pleasant bathing water to wash yourselves and the sauna with after finishing your sauna bath. If you do not want a water heater, we just use a fully insulated chimney pipe the whole way from the stove.
For our larger models Frank and Wilma, we use the Harvia 20 ES Pro. This stove has an effect of a total of 24.1 kW. There is also a built-in cutting-edge water tank for heating water. If you do not want a water heater, we can also use the Harvia 20 Pro without water heaters. Just like the smaller M3 model, both of these have a large glass door that allows you to watch the flames dancing throughout the sauna.
For all our stoves, we use Harvia’s own protective walls and floor plates which allow for very small distances to combustible materials. This means that the stove takes up as little space in the sauna room as possible and allows us to make maximum use of the area.
The chimneys we use are also from Harvia. The chimneys are CE marked and manufactured in fully insulated lengths of stainless steel. They have beautiful surfaces that look good even after long periods of frequent use.
Read more about Harvia sauna heaters and stoves on their website, Harvia

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