Sauna benches

The benches in our sauna cabins and sauna rafts are made of heat-treated aspen. Aspen is a very suitable wood for use inside saunas because it does not bleed resin that can burn and stick. Moreover, this wood does not become as hot as many other types due to its low density.

Choosing sauna benches

In terms of appearance, normal aspen wood differs from heat-treated aspen. Normal aspen is light and almost white when new. Over time, it yellows a bit but retains a pleasant, naturally light surface. Heat-treated aspen is more brownish in colour.

When you look at the pictures on our website, you will soon start to recognise the different types of sauna benches.
Is it difficult to decide which kind of wood you want? You are naturally welcome to come visit our factory or book a tour with one of our salespeople to see what the materials look like in reality.


The design of the sauna benches differs between the smaller and larger models. The Juni, Svea and Leo models usually have straight upper and lower benches. This is well suited to the area of the sauna space. If you would prefer the perpendicular solution seen in our larger models, you can order this.

In this case, you should keep in mind that the benches are not quite as deep and that the floor space will be reduced. For the larger sauna models, we always build perpendicular benches. This is a very popular solution. Not only does it look beautiful, it also means that two people have room to fully stretch out on the upper level.

It takes a lot of work and solid craftsmanship to create benches that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. All our benches are built so that they can be removed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

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