Frame of sauna boat

husstomme bastuflotte
The sauna cabin’s frame is built of 45 mm-thick spruce logs that are sawed on the outside and planed on the inside. We have developed our very own planer blades and decided not to make any bevels in the timber, providing a unique and beautiful surface on both sides.

On the joints of the sauna cabins Juni, Svea, Wilma and Alice, we have chosen to add corner boards. Together with the classic moulding around the windows, this gives a clear and minimal design.

Unique method

We use a unique construction method for the sauna models Leo, Frank and Frank XL. The joints are glued and screwed together with stainless steel screws in laminated timber. All mouldings around windows and doors are executed in wood with slender dimensions and fine metalwork.

You can take part in the design process and influence the look of mouldings and metalwork so that they complement nearby buildings. For example, you can decide whether the metalwork on your sauna frame is carried out using white, black or aluzinc sheet metal.

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