flytkroppar till bastuflotte
The floats for the sauna raft are manufactured as a single piece per side, which provides stability for the entire structure. They are made of high-density polyethylene, welded in one piece and filled with dense foam. The bow is designed to ensure that the raft glides smoothly through the water.

Weight capacity of floats

Because are floats are filled with foam, you never have to worry about leakages like you do with air-filled pontoons. The weight capacity is ample so you can always feel safe.
For our small sauna rafts Juni, Svea and Leo, we use two pontoons. These have a gross capacity of 4,600 kg.
For the larger sauna rafts Wilma, Frank and Alice, we use three floats to provide a gross capacity of 6,900 kg.

For the largest model Frank XL, which is designed for large groups, we have greatly increased the weight capacity. We use 4 floats to provide a gross capacity of 9,200 kg. Given the fact that the raft weighs about 3,500 kg in its entirety, it is clear that this sauna is extremely stable.

Adapted to the Nordic climate

TThe floats are naturally designed to withstand our Swedish climate and can tolerate being in the water all year round. Ice cannot destroy the pontoons. Many customers ask for pontoons made of rotational moulded plastic. We are pleased to offer this, too. We’re happy to tell you more about the options, so don’t hesitate to contact us.
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Flytkropp till bastuflotte
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