Dock frame

bryggstommen till bastuflotten
We are proud to be the only manufacturer of sauna rafts that uses laminated beams in pressurised wood around the entire raft. This makes the whole structure extremely rigid and durable.

The wood we use

The timber of the dock frame has Nordic Wood Protection (NTR) Class A certification, which is intended for use in soil and water. Because we use the right timber in the right place, the Swedish wood protection association offers a 20-year guarantee against rot in the dock timber. The deck of the raft is similarly NTR class A and is specially ordered in finger-jointed lengths, allowing us to build decks with 8-meter-long planks entirely without joints.

The dock frame’s deck

The deck is screwed on with stainless steel screws. This is time-consuming and is something that practically no other dock manufacturers take the time to do, but rather nail their docks or rafts with galvanized nails. This does not provide the same beautiful and solid decks and, most importantly, the same lifespan.
You can choose the railings around the sauna raft. It is naturally important that the sauna raft fits into its environment and we therefore adapt the design of the railings according to your preference.

bryggstomme bastuflotte