CE marking and insurance of sauna rafts

In Sweden and the EU, there are a number of product areas that have specific requirements for CE marking in order to be sold. This means that the manufacturer must demonstrate that safety requirements and various directives and regulations concerning their area or product were observed.
In relation to recreational boats, these must be CE marked to be sold in Sweden. We are proud and excited to have carried out this very thorough work on our sauna boats.

With that said, we can tell you how this benefits our customers.
First of all, when you buy a CE marked sauna boat from us, you can be certain that it is built in a way that is safe and secure for our customers and that meets the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive. Secondly, it is also the reason why our sauna boats are the only rafts on the market that it is possible to insure with a real boat insurance. In other words, there is no other sauna boat on the Swedish market that you can insure against theft, liability, wear and fire under the exact same conditions as any other boat.

All this is particularly important to remember for those who plan to buy a sauna raft for a club or to have it at your hotel, inn, manor or campsite. Those who plan to buy a sauna boat and moor it at a yacht club should also take note of this, as there is always a requirement to insure boats at sauna clubs and marinas.