Jonatan Tuori
I have over fifteen years of experience working with docks and marine constructions. During that time, I encountered many different sauna rafts and somewhere along the way, my desire to build sauna rafts of genuine quality and design was awakened.

Three years ago, I followed my dream and founded Marinbastun. The combination of my experience with marine construction and the fact that I’m Finnish and love sauna bathing means that I know what a floating sauna ought to look like.
At Marinbastun, we manufacture a range of sauna rafts that have become an increasingly common sight in our lakes, rivers and oceans. The goal is to build excellent sauna rafts with a design that suits the beautiful surroundings in which they will be placed.

By always choosing locally produced materials of the highest quality, Marinbastun ensures that your investment will be long-lasting and thereby good for both the environment and your wallet. Our combination of great passion for saunas, genuine expertise within construction and extensive experience in marine works makes us unique.

Our factory

Marinbastun has its manufacturing facilities in the old mill town of Söderfors. Our location in Sweden is ideal for making deliveries all across the country. The fact that there are only 14 miles to our main market in Stockholm is naturally a plus.

Our customers are always welcome to visit us to see what our production looks like. You can also view the different models and materials before you decide on the look of your sauna. The space in which we build is part of the old steelwork facilities at the site. There’s a beautiful old hall with large windows, skylights and large overhead beams. You’re very welcome to come visit!

Personal på Marinbastun